All tuning is performed in house on our Dynapack dyno. The Dynapack direct couples to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled hydraulic load. This method of direct coupling plus its built-in strength means the Dynapack is always in control of the vehicle. There is no risk of your car flying off due to a strap failure. By eliminating the tires from the tuning process, run data is more accurate from pass to pass. This allows us to see very small changes and results in a very smooth tune. We can tune Cobb Access Port, Ecutek, Apex’i Power FC, AEM EMS and even the free software reflash solutions. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Tune Pricing:


Cobb AccessPort Pro-Tune $Call
AEM EMS Engine Management
OpenSource Tuning $Call
ECUTEK Tuning $Call
APEX Power FC $Call

Retune Special: If you are unhappy with our competitor’s tune on your car, give us the chance to make it better.